Ineo Tech Corp., a developer and operator of the Ineo Media Network, a digital advertising and analytics solution for retailers, has released the first dual screen version of its display market technology, branded as the Ineo Welcoming System DUO, according to a company press release.

"From the first day we installed our patented INEO Welcoming System in a retail store we have had requests for a version which has a digital display screen on each side," Greg Watkin, founder and chairman of Ineo, said in the release. "Now that we are installing systems in larger stores, operated by national and international retailers, the opportunity warranted us putting the time and effort into developing a dual screen version. Our team took on a very difficult engineering problem and did an incredible job delivering a product which satisfies all the requirements of a leading Electronic Article Surveillance loss prevention system plus two large, bright advertising screens to display advertising from our retail media network." Outdoor Advertising Display

Ineo Tech releases dual screen display for retailers | Digital Signage Today

The Ineo Welcoming System DUO utilizes the same technology the company has originally designed for the Ineo Welcoming System which allows it to operate in both the Accousto-Magnetic 58KHz frequency spectrum and the 8.2MHz frequency spectrum.

The Ineo Welcoming System DUO preserves the same base form factor of the original Ineo Welcoming System allowing for visual uniformity within a retail store. The Ineo Welcoming System DUO is the same height and width as the standard Ineo Welcoming System and is 1¼ inches thicker.

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Ineo Tech releases dual screen display for retailers | Digital Signage Today

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