We always deck up our house with the best decor choices and in case we have guests coming over, we put in extra effort too, like decorating your house with flowers in fancy vases. So why must you compromise on your dinner set which can actually give a lasting impression as well? Trendy dinner sets are a must to make an appealing impression. Whether you are having an array of guests over or just a close group of friends, these dinner sets are perfect to lay the table in a stylish way. We have got you covered with the best picks in a budget of Rs 2,000.

Made of melamine material, this dinner set is durable and comes with a glossy finish. This dinnerware set is unbreakable and lightweight. Plastic Ladle

7 Budget-Friendly Dinner Sets Under Rs 2,000 To Buy For Your Crockery Collection

A good dinner set is always an investment. This dinner set is microwave-safe, so you don't have to take the trouble of switching crockery when heating and can still have an enjoyable meal. SPONSORED BY VUUKLE

This 18-piece dinner set comes in a stunning white colour and is dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe and stackable, fully tempered making it up to 3 times stronger, recyclable and easy to clean.

This dinner set is dishwasher safe. It is easy to use and clean and is also freezer safe. It is super lightweight and stackable, making it a great buy.

Featuring a white and blue design, this dinner set is thermal-resistant and comes with fully tempered toughened glass.

This dinner set is super lightweight and easy to use. This dinner set has 6 Full Plates, 6 Quarter Plates, 12 Veg Bowls, 2 Serving Bowl with 2 lids, 3 Serving Spoons and 1 Serving Tray.

This dinner set features a white and pink colour and has a high glossy finish. It is made of melamine material which makes it super lightweight.

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7 Budget-Friendly Dinner Sets Under Rs 2,000 To Buy For Your Crockery Collection

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