Rolls-Royce genset to power Lubricant manufacturer in Mexico

A mtu Series 500 generator set from the Power Systems business unit of Rolls-Royce has been selected to provide combined heat and power for Raloy Lubricantes’ manufacturing operations in Santiago Tianguistenco, Mexico.

Lubricant manufacturer and supplier for automotive OEMs, Raloy Lubricantes, will use the electricity to power operations, while the heat from the exhaust will be used to warm up thermal oil for mixing processes. Gas Absorption Heat Pump

Rolls-Royce genset to power Lubricant manufacturer in Mexico

Thermal energy from jacket heat will be recaptured and run through an absorption chiller to produce chilled water for cooling plastic bottles manufactured in Raloy’s sister company, Thermfluidos.

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The new mtu Series 500 offers 3.1% more efficiency and 30% more available power than its predecessor, the Series 400, according to mtu.

It can run on both natural gas and biogas, and is hydrogen-ready, allowing for a blending of up to 10% hydrogen.

The family of generator sets covers the 250-550kWe power range and peak efficiencies of up to 42.6% in this power class. Available in 50Hz and 60Hz versions, these units come equipped with a mtu Module Control automation system that monitors all genset activities and enables easy integration with other systems.

Raloy Group CEO, Ing. Jorge H. Loya Ramirez, expressed: “Our company found in the new mtu Series 500 the perfect solution to accomplish the objectives of sustainability, power savings and reliability in order to strengthen our manufacturing processes for our client’s needs. The Rolls-Royce team has been a great partner on this project helping us understand how we can apply the state-of-the-art technology they develop. We look forward to work out more projects together in the future.”

The new 12V 500 generator set at Raloy is expected to be commissioned in April 2022.

Rolls-Royce genset to power Lubricant manufacturer in Mexico

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