Hot runner supplier Mastip used K 2022 to introduce the customized and valve-gated Aquilo liquid silicone rubber (LSR) cold deck.

After a year and a half of development, hot runner supplier Mastip introduce the Aquilo liquid silicone rubber (LSR) cold deck at K 2022. Initially available with four drops, the cold runner system features cooled valve-gated nozzle for delivery of LSR directly into a part. Mastip says cooled plates ensure the silicone remains liquid, with cooling channels in the nozzle to deliver material in optimum condition. The cavity mount plate is heated with Mastip’s established heater technology and insulation board separates the cooled plates from the heated ones, with hardened side lock guides used to control thermal expansion between the two. Vacuum Forming Mold

New LSR Cold Deck |               Plastics Technology

Mastip told Plastics Technology that initially the valve gates will be pneumatically actuated, while the company is looking at servo actuation down the road. Mastip said drops can range up to 128, with gate diameters from 0.4 to 1.2 mm and nozzle lengths of 50, 70 and 90 mm. The nozzles are made from 2316 corrosion resistant steel, with cold decks fabricated from P20 or 420 corrosion resistant steel.

Hot runner supplier Mastip is entering the world of cold runners and LSR proecessing with the Aquilo. Photo Credit: Plastics Technology

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New LSR Cold Deck |               Plastics Technology

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