The Gemini phone is a Psion PDA with an Android update - CNET

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The Gemini phone is a Psion PDA with an Android update - CNET

Forget dual-camera, ultraslim phones: The Gemini is the clamshell retro delight you're looking for (and it still lets you use Android).

No need to fax! You can send real-deal email on the clamshell Gemini.

Turn off that Smashmouth CD -- we have exciting news!

The Psion 5, that glorious PDA that you (or your parents) rushed out to buy in 1997, has just had an update to make it usable in 2018. 

The Gemini phone from UK outfit Planet Computers has all the clamshell looks you'd expect out of something from the (first) Clinton era, but with a 10-core processor, 64GB of storage and 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. 

CES isn't the big show of the tech year for mobile. Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the go-to show for the latest phone news, and phone brands are increasingly launching new devices outside this event too. But that's probably a good thing for Gemini -- it's bulky for an Android phone and doesn't have the features (like dual cameras) that you'll find in the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the iPhone X .

But Psion fans aren't necessarily looking for those glossy perks. Here's what you'll get instead.

You won't find this one in stores yet, but you can preorder via Indiegogo. The 4G LTE model sells for $599 (about £440 or AU$765 converted) and the Wi-Fi only model sells for $499 (about £370 or AU$635). 

If you're after more ports (though this device is certainly a long way off being a laptop) you can get an additional "connectivity pack" with USB-C hub, HDMI video Cable and USB-C mains charger for $75 (around £55 or AU$95).

Or, you could go full '90s and send everything to your fax. For old time's sake. 

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The Gemini phone is a Psion PDA with an Android update - CNET

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